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sacramento valley wildflower

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A complex flavor from a variety of spring and summer blooms, Sacramento Valley Wildflower is known for its ever-changing sweetness. Wildflower honey can vary in flavor depending on the season and blossoms the honeybees visit. Sacramento Valley Wildflower is sure to please anyone who enjoys pure, raw honey.


Flavor Profile:

traditional floral notes with a warm cinnamon, earthy essence


Pairing Suggestions:

· Sliced local sourdough toasted and spread with fresh butter and honey
· Sliced Granny Smith apples dipped in wildflower honey
· Prosciutto drizzled in Wildflower honey
· Raw almonds with Wildflower honey
· Oolong, Chai, and Spiced teas are best with a this deep Wildflower honey

12 oz./340 g

Raw honey hardens and crystallizes over time. Honey does not spoil. To liquefy, place jar in warm water on the stove until crystals dissolve. Do not feed honey to infants under a year old.

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